Break the Stigma for Families
Break the Stigma Around Mental Health by Riding a Bike

Breaking the Stigma Together! 

Mental illnesses are common and treatable. Yet it often takes too long before people affected by mental illnesses seek or receive help. Parents and children often feel ashamed, guilty for how they feel, or scared of what others might think about them or their loved ones. This, and delays in seeking treatment are often caused by stigma. Stigma is defined as a set of negative and often unfair beliefs that a society or group of people have about something.

It is the stigma associated with mental illness that we want to address, because the sooner families get help, the more effective the help can be. Individuals and families affected by mental illnesses should be embraced and supported just like those struggling with any other medical condition. We hope to break the stigma by cycling together, for cycling connects people, and contributes to both mental and physical health.